Fallout 3 Survival Edition — Own Your Own Pip-Boy


Update: I’ve added two photos of the prototype below. You can see that it does open up. This one doesn’t show a clasp, but it will have one on the bottom to close it shut. This doesn’t have any decaling or any anything and obviously the whole thing won’t be black, but it does give you and idea of the size and form vs. the rendered image we showed previously.

We just put out a press release announcing the Fallout 3 Survival Edition, available only through Amazon.com, and only in very limited quantities. The Survival Edition of the game will come with all the content found in the Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition (you order whichever platform you want), PLUS a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000 that functions as a watch/clock/whatever (the screen above is just a placeholder image as we’re still finalizing the screen as we speak).

In addition, it’s sort of become a tradition that I get asked to write a diary about whatever Collector’s Edition we’ve created for the game we’re doing. With today’s announcement it seemed like the right time for that, so over on the official site you’ll find a new Diary in the Vault that talks about the different components of both the Collector’s and Survival Editions, and how they came to be.


Keep in mind this Survival Edition is only through Amazon.com, and won’t be listed for any localized versions. The console versions will be NTSC only, not PAL. If you can get to Amazon.com from where you are and order the PC version, I suppose that should still work and they’d still ship it to you.


I have to say the Pip-Boy is turning out really cool. So far we only have an unpainted mold, but it’s still pretty awesome. I’ll try to get a picture of it up shortly. It’s just very cool to see it go from a random idea I had one day to something sitting on my desk. And I need to give props to Losi for the 10,000 emails and phone calls she’s put in to make sure this thing happened, and to our sales VP Ron for all his work on this too.

Reader Comments

  1. the more and more i look at this site the less and less i see how much they actually give a shit about the fans, first its the PS3 fans asking about DLC that they will never recieve, then the EU and anywhere else that isnt the USA cant get a copy that isnt region 1, and then not to mention the real hardcore fans who who ask for the supposed survival edition to be in stores and its a special order with limited copies, WTH BETHESDA, i spent everything i could to have everything to do with this game and the more and more i find out about THE FANS, the less and less i want to play it, this is nothing like FALLOUT 2 or interplay, maybe if you werent so pigheaded and focused on demand rather than quality and a fan base who waited almost 4 + years for FALLOUT 3 you would have realized that there are more devoted players out there who im sure will be more than happy to get a refund of your sequel of THE greatest game in the world not made by Bethesda ( FALLOUT 2 ). WTH is the deal with the survival edition only available on AMAZON, whats the deal with the cheaply made bobble head and your xerox concept art book, i payed well over 150 $$$ USA dollars for what i have and still i got about 50$$$ worth of merchandise, i could pawn this game if i wanted to, the bobble head makes great for M-80’s on next years JULY 4th celebration and the concept art will be used as colorfull firewood, as for the lunchbox, it might stand up to being squashed flat on a railroad or something but i highly doubt it.

    you have all these different versions, everyone is getting pissed off at you and your not doing a damn thing to fix this, i mean come on we waited so long for a FPS wth is that, its suppose to be 3rd person action adventure RPG not HALO, we waited for 18 hours of game play, pfft next time ill rent a game you make before i waste my money on it.
    Fallout 2 HAS a better replay value, its how old and i still play it, and VATS, wth its cool and all, but its just another MAX PAYNE moment, call it what you want to, its still SLOW MOTION fighting powered by a random numbers generating dice roller. I could make a better batchfile with a algorithim that has more hours of replayability infact one exists, its called SOLITAIRE.

    wth hell happened to this company, morrowind was great, oblivion was great, and then you had to take over a project from vanderbuilt that probably never would have finished being made and turn it into a FPSRPG, ( HALO with a better storyline ) if you would have actually researched the games you would know that SUPERMUTANTS were NEVER bad, GHOULs were more than braindead NPC’s, you would have also
    known that if it was 200 years after FALLOUT 2 then it would look better than New Reno did in Fallout 2, i shouldnt have to write this, i shouldnt have to point out all of your companies aims and flaws in your development team, sure great ideas but maybe if you actually stuck to the storyline of a game for once you would have actual devoted fans who care more about a SERIES that is worthwhile of playing.

  2. The pipboy 3000 clocks suffer from bad installation of the button contacts. The improper installation of even 1 contact in a non-working position causes feedback into the circuit eventually frying the circuit board which results in flickering giberish, secondarily it drains the battery. In some cases I could see certain robust circuit boards surviving it.

    I’m on # 2; both had buttons that didn’t work, the first one had no working buttons and I set it by crossing contacts at the back of a circuit board with a screwdriver and it died in a week. #2 had one non-functional button so I set it without cracking the case and it was dead in a week.

    FINAL VERDICT: I want the difference in what I payed for the survival version vs the collector version and my $20 back for trying the warranty route to a company who I can’t find on the internet and can’t call on the number they left on the box for FedEX.

    Come on Bethesda return some of the love I showed.

  3. will the pip-boy 3000 replica have any functions? or just look cool.

    is there anyway to purchase one without the package deal since i have the game and a bobble head already n out of the pack the pip-boy is the only other thing i want…

    i’ll prolly buy the package anyways just cause. kudos on one of the finest games i’ve played in a long time.

  4. Coolest thing ever. If you really wanted profit out of it you could put more apps on it than just the watch/clock. Other things like thermometer, a screen where you can type in an inventory of what your holding (kids would love that), and random stuff like that. May cost more to make but if you get a touch screen on it and promote your profit will more than likely be out the roof.