What we’re playing: Heat wave edition


Having lived in DC for over five years now, I can tell you that when it gets hot…it’s unbearable. Sure you can go to places with higher temperatures, but the humidity is a real killer here. While we had a rather pleasant spring in these parts, the party’s officially over this week. Looking at the weather report for Rockville, it’s supposed to get to 96 degrees tomorrow. Sounds like a good weekend for us to stay indoors and play games…like Fallout 3:).

Feel free to let us know what you’re playing, as well as the local weather forecast in your neck of the woods.

Ashley Cheng: Fallout 3

Craig Lafferty, Producer: Fallout 3

Jeff Browne, Level Designer: FO3

Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: Fallout 3. Also Age of Conan and maybe the Penny Arcade game.

Larry Waldman, QA: Fallout 3 (Yay Crunch!), Phantom Hourglass, and (if there’s time) No More Heroes.

Nathan McDyer: Flipcup

Ryan Lea: Chess!

Ruben Brown,QA Lead: Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood, God of War II

Terry Dunn, Jr.: AOC, Rockband, WC3: DOTA mod.

Dan Ross, QA: Capcom vs. SNK 2, in preparation for SF4 — Your Tiger-style is strong, but it will never defeat my Ken-style.

Megan Sawyer: Mostly my iPod while working! 🙂 Ooh and the Penny Arcade game for the second time if I get the chance.

Chris Esko, Systems Programmer: TF2, Boom Blox, Civilization: Revolutions Demo

Pete Hines: Rain-Slick Precipice, Rock Band, Fallout 3

Fred Zeleny, 8th Level Kobold Game Designer: Some friends and I will be celebrating Worldwide D&D Game Day by putting the new 4th Edition D&D books through their paces, rolling 20s, moving minis, and pouring out a soda for all our dead characters.

Michael Lattanzia, QA: Age of Conan, Wii Fit, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: Persona 3: FES (holy CRAP the additional content is hard…), LotRO, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Ninja Gaiden II.

Nate Purkeypile, Batman: GTA4, TF2 and Boom Blox.

Gary Noonan, Character Animator: May have been talked back into trying FFXI again…. if I can sit through the 32hr install and updating.

Daryl Brigner: GTAIV, BioShock (PC), and Mass Effect (PC).

Jon Paul Duvall: GTA 4

Matt Grandstaff: Phantom Hourglass, polishing my iPod touch in anticipation of the new application/game store.

Erin Losi: Wheel of Fortune $.25 slots, blackjack, and bachelorette party mediator.

Dane Olds, Artist: Age of Conan… and nothing else.

Phil “All His Jokes Are Funny” Nelson: Age Of Conan, Text Twist, Crash Patrol!

Reader Comments

  1. New York City 95 degrees for the next three days. Thank goodness for air conditioning for the disabled programs.

    Playing OBLIVION with different settings and spawn heavy mods like MARTIGEN’S MONSTER MOD and G’s LOOT MOD to see the difference in gameplay when I get my new home built Pc in a week or so. Doing this with the 3dshooter FEAR aswell.

    Also enjoying the vast unknown of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL and UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3.

  2. I live in Michigan and it hasn’t gotten to 96 yet but it has gotten to 90 and when you said “but the humidity is a real killer here” your right its so humid it make 90 fell like 110 thank goodness for oblivion and morrowind thanks guys for two great games so I don’t have to go outside and fry

  3. nice and cool here in Canada 🙂

    good to see so many of you playing fallout 🙂

    “and pouring out a soda for all our dead characters.”
    poor one out for grug, alas he never made it past level 4 🙂
    good to see someone else is holding it down for D&D!! 🙂

  4. Hot as **** here in the Pittsburgh area. 90+ temps for the past couple of days with 70-80% humidity. I got lit up real bad yesterday doing the yard work. Now I’m staying in the cool indoors with my new shiny PS3 playing GTA4 and UT3.

  5. not too bad up here in Bmore, a solid 92, feels like 101 according to the weather channel. i prefer this kind of weather to the cold and crummy we had all spring :/

  6. In Fredericksburg VA it’s currently 98 with heat index of 110. :barf:
    I had a tornado on my street on Wed and now its boiling. Mother Nature hates me!!

  7. It’s been about 30C (86F) for a week now, here in Poland and it’s going to be the same for another one. So I’m playing GTA VI and WarCraft 3 before sundown, and I go outdoor to play some basketball after 😉

  8. GTA IV (if it works) God of War II MGS4 on Thursday maybe oblivion (how about that dlc? seriously where is it) and some gaelic football(best sport in the world)

  9. Oh, rub it in, will ye?

    Tomorrow – at last! – it will get to 73F (23C) and sunshine!

    I don’t demand 95F; 73 is fine for me – just as long as it’s not 60F and peeing it down, which it will be by Thursday. That’s 16C – really cold! – it should be almost summer by now 🙁

  10. Weather, a true Alaskan’s favorite subject. in the 60’s during the day here and upper 30’s to low 40’s at night.

    I will be playing in the garden, no time for games this weekend.

  11. In Louisiana It’s gonna be 92 today. It’s been hot for weeks now… Playing Super Paper Mario & Call Of Duty 4.

  12. 95 F here in New Jersey (with heat index it feels like 110 F)

    Considering getting back into Lineage II, lost my discs awhile ago so I’m currently downloading the 3GB Interlude client.

  13. AGGHHH! THEY LIED! From a three day heatwave now its gonna be six days! Instead of mid 90s its gonna be 103 for the next two days! Thank goodness for air conditioning and my housing for the disabled which provided it for me 😀

    Boy this reminds me of those pictures Dev Gary Noonan once posted at his Wormhole site of Bethesda’s picnic in a sweltering heatwave with Ken Rolston frying in the heat as Smudge looked in shock about something 😀

    Still playing OBLIVION this time with Francesco’s Leveled creatures-items mod 4.5b which is incredibly well balanced with this latest version. Probably stick with this once i get my new computer later this week since it covers more areas then the awesome MARTIGEN’S MONSTER MOD including THE SHIVERING ISLES.

  14. Hmm … they totally changed their minds on the weather forecast (those pesky Chinese butterflies!) – it’s now a healthy 25C today (77F) of blazing sunshine, though they still predict 17C (63F) and rain on Thursday.

    Weekend plans to play Fallout (1) were thwarted by the computer taking FOREVER to defrag, so I ended up playing Might & Magic on my mobile phone, and giggling stupidly at being able to wander round where I like to talk to any NPC I choose and find … uh … a missing sheep. On my phone! Good stuff! (That’s in addition to my Bejeweled/Prince of Persia/Witcher phone-game addictions.) Shame it’s not compatible with ES Travels.

    Oh, and I also fitted in some Guild Wars and Morrowind, but that’s kind of a given on any weekend 😉

  15. [On my phone! Good stuff! (That’s in addition to my Bejeweled/Prince of Persia/Witcher phone-game addictions.)]

    Oh my goodness they have THE WITCHER for phone games? I wonder if its anything like the Pc version or is it more like the phone version of OBLIVION? Boy my friend is planning on getting a cell phone. I can see it now him playing BEJEWELED non-stop. That’ll teach him to make fun of me playing OBLIVION for years and years and…

    Lucky bunny you is with the weather Princess Stomper 😀

  16. [Today 102, Tuesday 96, Wednesday 92. . .

    In other words HOT; can’t breath kind of weather.

    Left by OblivionMon on June 9th, 2008]

    I know your pain my OBLIVION Brother 😀 Definitely dry oven inferno heat.Gotta drink up the water and eat them fruits while staying clear of the dehydrating addictive liquors. Oh and cant forget wet rags on the head and neck areas 😀