We adore fan art


It’s been a few months since we last featured Fan Art from the blog, so when I received this homage to the Adoring Fan from Raven Hall, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

If you haven’t checked out the Fan Art section on Bethblog, it’s over on the right column of the blog. As always, if you’ve got fan art to share with us (whether it’s Star Trek, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc.), shoot us an email.

Reader Comments

  1. Why am I always taking a sip of something when something like this loads?

    He sure does have pretty eyes though.

  2. As soon as i saw this last week i just had to snap up that adoring munchkin! Oh he is so cute! In a deranged obssessive kind of way 😀

    Thanks for the awesome artwork Raven Hall. Lots to love here from the art style to the full of life colors.

  3. It’s been a pleasure to share! I am beginning to feel rather like an adoring fan myself, though… 😀