TES Nexus’ File of the Month for May


Here’s a quick look at last month’s most popular mod over at TES Nexus — jojjo’s New Frostmourne Sword. Inspired by World of Warcraft, jojjo created the sword from scratch. I gotta say, it looks pretty amazing!

To check out the rest of this month’s top 5, head here. And don’t forget if you’re registered, you can start voting for June’s top files.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow! I like it!

    Man not playing the PC version has me missing out on some amazing mods. Maybe one day we’ll see a few on the PS3. =) Who knows …

    Good job jojjo. =)

  2. Assuming I’m able to get a new PC in the next few years (before Elder Scrolls IV) I really need to pick up Oblivion for PC to get the most out of these mods.

    Until then I’ll continue to hope that I’ll at least be able to play the official downloadable content on my PS3…