New competition for new Morrowind modders


For you Morrowind modders out there, here’s a friendly competition you might be interested in. One of our BGS forum members, Fliggerty, has started up a competition intended to help up-and-coming Morrowind modders showcase their skills.

So how do you determine if your a modding noob or an experienced veteran? For the purpose of this competition, you must be a modder that “is not a Hall of Fame modder at Planet Elder Scrolls, and has not released a mod that has attained a cumulative download count of 5000 for any single mod.”

In the competition, modders will be working on creating Housing and/or Hireable Mercenaries mods. For more details and rules, visit this thread in the forums.

Good luck!

Reader Comments

  1. Yeah, come on over and get going on this! We are in the first weeks of this thing, and it’s already getting crazy.

    I’ve got a great list of judges lined up (no, I won’t tell you who…no “buttering them up” will be allowed!)

    Oh, and thanks for putting this up here GStaff.


  2. What do you MEAN no buttering them up? You’ll have no judges at this rate. Bribes are half the reason people like to judge.