July magazines on newsstands


After being out of the office for a good part of last week (travels and a bad back), I found a stack of magazines on my desk this morning, so I started sifting through them to find any coverage on Fallout/Oblivion/etc.

Here’s what I came up with. In the July issue of PlayStation The Official Magazine (US), there’s a 3-page preview for Fallout 3. Here’s a snippet:

Vault 101’s denizens are infamous for never venturing out into the world, so you can imagine the stir that ensues when your father suddenly vanishes. The Overseer naturally assumes you, now 19 years old, had something to do with his disappearance.

Over in the UK, the July issue of PC Gamer features an article titled, “Rebuilding Cyrodiil: How to make Oblivion so beautiful it hurts” that focuses on adding mods to the game. Among the mods they recommend are Qarl’s Texture Pack, the Better Tiling textures, and the Oblivion Mod Manager. To check out the other mods they recommend, turn to page 100.

Sticking with July magazine coverage, the July 2008 issue of PC Zone has a couple of articles that have already appeared on CVG. If you haven’t already read it online, take a look at Jamie Sefton’s feature about open world games. Also in the issue, you’ll find a second-look preview of Fallout 3 from Will Porter. As a bonus to the magazine, it features an interior shot of Megaton that I hadn’t seen previously.

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