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Today at the office, we received the 1,000th issue of Entertainment Weekly (since it’s a double issue, it’s actually issue #999-1,000). To celebrate the occasion, EW has a lengthy feature about the “New Classics” — where they list off the top 1,000 films, books, and albums of the last 25 years. While not as robust as some of the other lists, there’s also a list of the top 50 videogames from the past 25 years, with Oblivion making the list at #47.

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Over at UK site Game, the results of a reader poll for the Top 100 greatest games of all time has been revealed. On this list, fans votes placed Oblivion #11, while Morrowind checked in at #86. To view the entire list, visit here.

In non-list news, Pete’s been in Australia the last few days showing Fallout 3. Amongst the folks he’s meeting with are the editors of Gameplayer, who are updating their site with new coverage all this week. “Fallout 3 Week” begins today with a 9-page feature discussing how the game came to be.

In international print coverage, issue #120 (their tenth anniversary issue) of BGamer magazine (Portugual) has a new cover story on Fallout 3. Meanwhile, in Greece, PC Master has a cover story of their own for the game. Over in Italy, the June issues of Game Pro and Official Xbox Magazine (that’s Xbox Magazine Ufficiale) feature a new previews as well.

Tech blog Blorge has a new post about the “Top 4 Sleeper-Hit Games” on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year. Fallout 3 made the list at #1. To check out this list, click here.

Lastly, there’s a new interview with Pete in the latest edition of PS3Zine. Here’s a sample of the interview:

How does character progression work in Fallout 3?

Pete: It’s experience-point based, so as you discover locations, finish quests, kill enemies, etc, you’ll earn experience points. Once you earn enough to level up, you have a chance to spend skill points improving whichever skills you want to be better at. And you also get to pick a Perk, which can further enhance your character’s skills and abilities.

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Reader Comments

  1. Nice article on Gameplayer, thanks for linking that. I was glad most of it was about the conception and formation of the game and not any actual info like storyline, creatures, characters etc. except on pages 7 and 8 there is some info on weapons, factions, and monsters that may be spoilerish for those trying to keep the info to a minimum until release. I stopped reading it when I hit that stuff but it was too late I caught a few sentences about weapons 😛

  2. ‘Top 100 Games of ALL Time’ is quite a misleading title. Do you expect every single person that votes to play every single game that ever existed in an as objective manner as possible?

  3. Since we’ve talked about Cormac McCarthy’s The Road being an influence for Fallout 3, I thought I’d also point out that it was rated the #1 book of the last 25 years by EW.