Around the web: The travels of Pete continue…


Fallout 3 coverage continues to make its way online as Pete’s travels around the globe continue.

We begin with a video interview Gamereactor TV did with Pete at the Ubidays event in Paris a few weeks back. To watch the video, head here.

As mentioned before, Pete’s been down under showing Fallout 3 to gaming press from Australia and New Zealand. This week, Game Arena (Australia) put up a new preview. Likewise, the folks at Gameplanet (New Zealand) have new impressions of the game. Additionally, they posted some Q&A stuff that followed Pete’s demo. Here’s a sample:

Press: How many factions are there in the game?

Hines: There’s the Brotherhood of Steel, we’ve made mention before that the Enclave are around, there’s Talon Company, and the Brotherhood of Steel has a splinter group as well. So there’s a number of groups including the Raiders as well. Factions are just different groups in the world that you will come in contact with, but you don’t really join any of them in the traditional sense. It’s more about you, what you’re doing, and how you interact with these groups.

Pete will be back in the office this week, but he’ll soon be a road warrior once again. E3 is less than three weeks away, and in anticipation of the event, Gamespot included Fallout 3 in their Most Anticipated Games of E3 list.

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