Some tidbits from the latest PC Gamer


This morning I read through the August issue of PC Gamer (US) and thought I’d share a few things that you might be interested in looking at.

  • In Desslock’s monthly column (page 96), he discusses how he’d like to see improvements within open world games and cites Oblivion as an example. In one example, he mentions he’d love to see the skeleton heads from Oblivion being used as bowling balls and rib cages used as xylophones. Yeah, I can’t argue that.
  • For you modders out there, Brett Todd’s featured column “Homebrew” focuses on rules modders should abide by. Check out his “Five Commandments” on page 98.
  • On the final page of the magazine, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw discusses his experience playing Oblivion, and how he struggles sometimes with the concept of open-world games. If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation review of Oblivion here.
  • On the same page, there’s a blurb teasing that the next issue of PC Gamer (September 2008) will feature hands-on impressions of Fallout 3. A few weeks back, Senior Associate Editor Dan Stapleton came by the office to play the game. Here at the office, we’ll be just as interested as you guys to see what he thought.

If you’re a PC Gamer subscriber, the August issue of PC Gamer should be in your mailbox any day now.

Reader Comments

  1. Oooh … I shall have to look out for that. I don’t think I’ve finished reading the previous issue yet – but I’ll be looking forward to the modding article. As for ribcages as xylophones, there’s a general paucity of instruments in games. Morrowind had “fat lute”, but Oblivion had … lots of art supplies instead. Call me a lyre, but I’m sure banging on a bongo is more fun than sketching a lighthouse, any day. Plus if Fallout 3 has musical bones, you could always mod in a Goonies tribute and keep everyone happy.

  2. Why doesn’t Bethesda stick to what it’s good at?! A lot of fans are waiting to see if an Elder Scrolls V will be coming out anytime soon. With the series being so popular one would think you’d keep working on it, but it seems that another installment is nowhere in sight. It’s sad to see such a great thing come to such a tragic end.

    At least it hasn’t turned out like Final Fantasy.
    All the original developers, artists, composers disbanding to work on other projects because FF started to suck…

    Poor Elder Scrolls fans… Poor me =(