New DRM tool for 360

Given that we’ve released several downloads for Oblivion on Xbox Live, I thought you guys might find this information useful. Yesterday, Microsoft released their Content License Transfer Tool (aka the DRM Tool) on If you’re asking, “huh, what’s that?” — let me explain how it might help you.

Let’s say you downloaded the Shivering Isles from Xbox Live. When you downloaded it, a license to play the content is then associated with your 360 console. If for any reason you replaced your 360, the license would not exist on the new box, and as a result, the content would only be playable when your 360 is connected to Xbox Live. This new tool will remedy this problem, as you can now transfer the license of your Shivering Isles purchase, or any other DLC for Oblivion, to your newer 360.

Still confused? Check out Major Nelson’s video above for more details.

Reader Comments

  1. No DRM is *EVER* helpful to the customer, by nature.

    But congratulations for MSFT to daring to actually allow customers to use what they bought.

  2. Hey Matt – how about maybe mentioning to the powers-that-be to add some sort of tool where us console owners could take advantage of all the kewl fanmade content for PC? I’ve seen some of the mods for Oblivion and Morrowind. Sadly, I only have Oblivion for 360, not both (like Morrowind) – and it would be pretty suck when Fallout 3 comes out not to be able to take advantage of the DLC if it’s PC fanmade exclusive…

    Anyway, email me sometime if you feel like talking about this more.

  3. I’m on my third 360 and have had to go through license transfer nightmares (particularly for the downloaded add-ons) every time I’ve replaced them. This is a very welcome development.

  4. Great idea, but if you prefer to play on 360 offline, and have had to replace a faulty console, you are not allowed to do so more than once in a year, so if you’ve bought a new console and transferred your DLC, then you discover it’s faulty, you’ve had it for 12 months! In effect, unless you’re on line, it doesn’t matter if you’ve paid for it, you won’t get the option to play the way you want. Shame.

  5. I was playing the elder scrolls iv oblivion the other day and i was thinking what is would be like to play against my friend online in the arena so i hope bethesda will make a online patch to alow you to vs your friend.