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Today on Gameplayer, Chris Stead has an 8-page preview with new impressions of Fallout 3 based on a recent meet up with Pete. Here’s a snippet of the preview:

The theme of Fallout 3 is Sacrifice and Survival. Or more to the point, what will you sacrifice to survive? The whole diverging paths and user-defined narratives that we have been experiencing in RPGs over recent years has become less of a gimmick and more of something truly emotional this generation. Who did you kill in Mass Effect, for example? Fallout 3 takes this feature and powers it with atomic energy. There is a full moral see-saw to ride in the game, referred to as karma. Various decisions you make in regards to completed and uncompleted quests, in combat and in conversation act to split your experience into multiple parallel universes.

Meanwhile, over at Gamespot’s Australian site, you can check out new impressions of the game, as well as an interview with Pete on their show Crosshairs. If you want to skip ahead to the Fallout 3 stuff, fast-forward to around the 11-minute mark of the video.

Update: Here’s two more Australian preview to check out — one from PALGN and another over at The Age.

Reader Comments

  1. Will Fallout have the ability to host a multiplayer game?

    Gods know that I would love to have done that in the Elder Scrolls games. Not that I want 100 players running around killing everything but I know that my friends would love to party with me in my world so we can show each other what we are doing.

    I realize if Elder Scrolls had multiplayer with random people you could not control what they did, or who they killed… but it would be nice to link with a close friend to share the adventure.

    Know what I mean?


  2. I hate to be a freak about this, but if anyone hasn’t read the article yet and wants to avoid a possible spoilerfest I would suggest not reading it. I skipped around the first two pages and had to tell myself to leave. There is some info in there that might ruin your naivete about certain aspects of the game. Just a friendly warning.

  3. It would be hallarious if your character is walking through a ruined street to come across an old record player that’s playing Ruth Wallis’s
    “The Dighny Song”

    it’d really add to the atmosphere of comedy.

    Good job on the game, Its got the atmosphere perfectly to be a huge success

  4. its nice to see sum good comments about fallout for a change…the games been ripped to shredds in the forums