Around the web: Hands-on edition


The latest issue of PSM3 (issue #103) hit shelves in the UK this week with an eight-page cover story for Fallout 3. You’ll definitely want to check it out as it has hands-on impressions and plenty of new screenshots. Here’s a sample of the article:

“You’ll also come across the Enclave; the remains of the US government who have access to incredible technology and broadcast patriotic marching band music. Their President is voiced by Malcolm “A Clockwork Orange” McDowell. He’s a major villain.”

In other UK print coverage, the July issue of Instock Magazine has a new preview of Fallout 3 covering their meet up with Pete in London. Also, if you haven’t checked out the May issue of Total PC Gaming, you might want to try to get your hands on a copy of it. Here’s a sample of their interview with Todd:

TPCG: Can you tell us what the injuries shown in the Pip-Boy Status screenshot will have on your character?

Todd Howard: Having one or both of your legs crippled slows you down, and having your head crippled gives you blurry vision, but the blur is not constant, it’s like having a concussion that comes and goes.

Lou Kesten of the Associated Press recently came by the office to take a look at Fallout 3. His preview of the game has popped up in a few places — including Fox News and Yahoo. Elsewhere in mainstream news coverage, the Houston Chronicle lists Fallout 3 as one of the games to play this fall.

That’s it for now — we’ll keep you posted when we find out about new coverage.

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  1. Bethesda, you guys working on PS3 trophies??? The 2.40 firmware update will come back soon, be creative… their probably not even reading this.

  2. I just found out something this fatal ineria races shit demo on PSN has achievements of its own independent of update 2.40 and its pretty good of a game 2

  3. Maybe they don’t respond to you because you insist on spamming your silly questions on pretty much every single blog entry, even when they have nothing to do with what you’re asking.

  4. i would love custom soundtrack for fallout but if its to much trouble you shouldn’t push to hard its going to be a great game either way