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  1. Ha ha it sounds like they’re singing ” I love those dear heart devil people”.

    Another classic FALLOUT trailer totally worthy of being the intro. Thanks for the gorgeous view.

  2. Nice to hear you guys are crapping on PS3 users again in regards to DLC. Although this time you aren’t stiffing us on Oblivion, but Fallout 3 as well. Not really surprised.

    If you guys hate Sony/PS3 so much why don’t you just do us all a favor and not release your games on the console any more. I’ll be passing on Fallout.

  3. I gotta say, I can’t wait for Fallout 3. That said, I’m extremely disappointed in your withholding the expansions from PS3 just because of a MS deal. Really, it’d be one thing if the game wasn’t already up and running on the machine or the awesome job you did with Oblivion PS3 – but for money is just lame.

    I had a 360, and didn’t feel like putting up with its horrendous reliability anymore (after having to get it fixed a few times) and seeing deals like this which keep content from a machine that doesn’t self destruct is just incredibly disappointing and not something that shows any appreciation for your fans.

    Although the deal might make you more money than selling the DLC on PS3 alone, as a fan its very upsetting to hear. I guess I’ll just have to miss out on the “significant” content, and no I don’t run Windows so the whole “just get it on PC” doesn’t fly either.

  4. I too am very disapointed by the exclusivity deal on downloadable content. Also why dont you launch your games complete instead of making some of the content for payers only

    thats really cheap and stupid.

    And I am still waiting for shivering Isles exansion in europe.

  5. hey, wow, NO DLC for ps3…… that is very uncool….. but the game rocks on the ps3, i think better than the ps3….. and i have mac not pc….. so i guess i am missing out huge….. but still is one very awesome game….Props, Bethesda