Fallout 3’s E3 roundup of lists for you to click on


More links for everybody! Thank god for Google. Who has time to look this stuff up? Where the heck is Gstaff when you need him? Why am I doing this? After working a 10 hour day, I’m tired, whacked out on caffeine and Sour Patch Kids, and I’m liable to write all sorts of things about Fallout 3 that no one is supposed to know about like this.

Gaming Nexus has a post you MUST visit. They have pics of the life size Brotherhood of Steel statue along with a life size Fatman — both can be found at our booth at E3. It is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see, make sure you stop by if you happen to be in the LA Convention Center. Can’t make it? Well, above you’ll find an iPhone pic of Istvan Pely, the lead artist of Fallout 3, next to his creation when it was delivered to our offices last week, prior to heading out to sunny LA.

Xbox 360 Fanboy, the blog, has a great write up of their hands on. A couple more hands on previews include this one from Bigdownload.com and Thatvideogameblog.com.

IGN posted another preview that talks a bit more about the game, and mentions something about being on track to ship this year (that’s when I did a spit take of the diet coke with lime I was casually sipping, and thought, Oh S***, and I got to stop reading about how much the Internet loves Fallout 3 and get back to work!)

Actiontrip also has a great post about Fallout 3, so does one of my favorite blogs, Destructoid.

Lastly, Entertainment Weekly’s (a magazine I read quite frequently, on a weekly basis, religiously, like every Saturday) Popwatch has a brief mention of Fallout 3.

Best part about Pete and Matt being away? Nobody to check my blog posts before they go live. Giddyup!

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  1. Touche my friend, that first link was a masterstroke.

    oh man, I am so excited about F3. any idea when the system specs are going to be released?
    I wanna have my rig in top shape for this game!

  2. Oh snap! Thee ol Rick Roll.

    Great Gatsby! Thats one heckuva Brotherhood Of Steel Statue or is it..the real deal? deal? deal?….