Around the Web: Plenty more to read edition


E3 2008 is in the books, but there’s still a steady stream of previews/videos/podcasts/etc. making their way online. Here’s the latest…

1Up had an opportunity to do a video interview with Todd for their podcast, the 1Up Show. The video begins with Resident Evil 5 coverage — with the Fallout 3 coverage starting a little after the 12-minute mark.

Podcast coverage continues at IGN Insider, where Todd and Insominac’s Ted Price share their experiences in the game industry while discussing Fallout 3 and Resistance 2, respectively.

There’s plenty of new hands-on impressions to read up on as well. Susan Arendt at The Escapist shares thoughts on the game after getting a chance to play it. Here’s an excerpt:

“The problem with nuclear devastation is that leaves an awful lot of radiation lying around, and you’ll take Rad damage as you explore the world of Fallout 3.The more Rads you absorb, the more your stats decrease; max out your Rad meter and you’re dead. It’s not much of a factor early on in the game, but in later areas, you’ll definitely have to keep a close eye on your meter. Healing yourself then becomes a bit tricky, as the food and drink items you could consume to restore your health are almost always irradiated, forcing you to weigh the benefits of healing against the penalty of a higher Rad count.”

Game Informer Online has two pages of impressions after exploring the wasteland. Here’s a snippet:

The environments are fantastic, though. Bethesda has shown that they’re able to convey a real sense of decay, with rebar jutting out of broken concrete structures, damaged walls and plenty of rust and ooze.

In other hands-on coverage, here’s a few more to check out:

  • The Orange County Register’s gaming blog, Game Rover, has a new preview from Joe Simmons.
  • Doug “Keen” Lundberg of IGN’s Vault Network summarizes his 30 minutes with the game.
  • 2OpGaming shares their take on Fallout 3 after finally getting a chance to play it.
  • The Next Level’s Aaron Drewniakfelt like he was on “the verge of an epic adventure I’d never forget” after going hands-on with Fallout 3.

As we continue to find more coverage on the game, we’ll share the news with you.

Reader Comments

  1. This is the best Todd interview/demo that I’ve seen. Much more relaxed and the interviewers ask better questions. Great!

  2. Yes, it it the best, because it is the ONLY good Todd interview from E3.It was a bliss to watch this compared to that travesty on G4TV.

  3. Great interview! It is definitely more relaxed and fun.
    I’m still waiting on the “Beards of Fallout 3” video! 🙂

  4. Yeah, the 1up Show footage was great, I actually had no idea about the RAD system.
    Nice to see Todd in a relaxed environment, giving an honest interview as well.