A few E3 awards


Over the weekend, a few sites put together their Best of E3 lists. Here’s a few where Fallout 3 received honors…

On Friday’s edition of X-Play, G4 selected Fallout 3 as the Best Mutliplatform title at the show. Additionally, the game was included in their Best Game of Show category. Watch the video here.

Meanwhile at UGO, Fallout 3 pulled out awards: Best RPG, Best Console Game, and Best in Show. Here’s a sample of what they said:

“An RPG is about making choices, taking on the role of someone else and living out his or her life. Fallout 3 does a lot more than that. By recreating a post-apocalyptic Washington DC packed with mutants, armored warriors and ghouls, Bethesda has given folks a kick-ass sandbox in which to be a savior, an asshole or just someone who couldn’t give a damn. Blowing up or saving Megaton is just the beginning.”

Finally, the folks at Blast Magazine picked Fallout 3 as the Best Game at E3. Head here to view the rest of their awards .

Reader Comments

  1. You guys have no idea how much the info from E3 has made me foam at the mouth. Seriously cannot wait to play this game! It looks awesome.

  2. Hmm, for me there were exactly four interesting things that came out of E3 – video interview on gamevideos.com with 1up guys, preview on gamesradar, preview on computerandvideogames.com and interview on gametrailers.com (only because some gameplay footage could be seen on the background).The rest was useless rehashing of the old facts or stupid showing off of combat (like on G4TV).

  3. Heh those G4 guys are funny 🙂 Its like being one with some spastic spasm rush of excitement after seeing something almost beyond words but they have to find the words..or else.

    Yes this is one GODLIKE DEMO. It should win an award for best demo for best game from the best.

  4. I think you might want to clarify that “sandbox” remark lest everyone think they mean what it sounds like it means, cough…Construction Set…cough.

    Anyway kudos to Beth for continuing to kick ass and take names in this industry.

  5. Pavel: the previews on CVG and Games Radar were from PC Zone and PC Gamer US, both previews were pre-E3.

    So the 1up thing and the gametrailers thing was it, really. The previews weren’t very informative, not their fault as they could barely talk about anything but graphics and VATS.

    Hell, the consensus seems to be that this was a really bad E3.

  6. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, it IS coming from the Bethsoft. I’ve been looking forward to this for years now. Should be another great game of the year from you guys, keep up the amazing work.