Splash Damage Fills Key Roles


The folks over at Splash Damage put out a release today that they’ve added a number of new folks to their dev team in some key positions. They are:

  • Olivier Leonardi (Rainbow Six: Vegas, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones) as Art Director;
  • Chris Sweetman (Black, Burnout: Paradise) as Audio Director;
  • Tim Appleby (Mass Effect) as Lead Character Artist;
  • Chris Dawson (Driver, Test Drive, Evil Genius) as Producer.

With plans to increase the size of the team to more than 60 folks, they’ve still got some hirin’ left to do and you can head over to see a full list of the art, design, and programming positions they’re hiring for. They even have a 3D Art Test and an Environmental Art Test you can try your hand at to show you know your stuff.

In other news, Splash Damage mentioned they will be at Develop 2008, being held in Brighton at the end of the month. They’ll have a booth there and Studio Head Paul Wedgwood and Audio Director Chris Sweetman will both be giving talks during the event.

Finally, it’s worthy of note that Splash Damage is on the shortlist for several Golden Joystick awards for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars: Nuts All Nighter, PC Game of the Year, PlayStation Game of the Year, Xbox Game of the Year, UK Developer of the Year, and Ultimate Game of the Year. If you’re inclined to cast your vote, head to the Golden Joystick voting page.

Reader Comments

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait till you spill the title of your “Secret Project” – and I also hope the reason for the purchase of Splash Damage means that Bethesda will end up with the Fallout online, this is the last month Interplay has to make the financing, isn’t it? I am on pins and needles waiting to hear the results of that! I hope Splash Damage is working up some great RPG for their online project, the suspense is killing me!