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Time again for another post-E3 web roundup.

We’ll start with videos. First, Steve Masters from GotGameTV talked with Pete after going hands-on with Fallout 3 last week. You can also hear Pete talk about the game on the latest episode of The Totally Rad Show. The program is pretty long, so if you don’t want to hear the crew discuss movies, you’ll want to head to the 17-minute mark where the Fallout stuff starts.

In other online coverage, Fallout 3 has pulled down a few more E3 awards. Here’s a rundown:

  • GameSpy honored Fallout 3 as the Xbox 360 and PS3 Game of Show. The game was also was named the Game of Show Overall Runner-Up.
  • GamePro has their awards up, where they awarded the game with a E3 2008 Silver Award.
  • Planet Xbox 360 awarded the game their Best of Show honor.
  • GameDaily listed the game among their Best of Xbox 360 here.
  • At Gamezone, there’s a Top Ten Games of E3 list where Fallout 3 makes the list at the #2 spot.
  • Scrawlfx declares Fallout 3 their Game of Show.

To check out more previews from E3, hit the jump below.

Gamervision came away impressed after playing the game for 30 minutes saying, “Fallout 3 is set in a nice spot to take Game of the Year awards away from Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto IV, and anything else that dare show its face this holiday season.” The New York Times shared similar sentiments. Here’s what they had to say in their E3 wrap:

“I’ve saved my sentimental favorite for last. I’m an old-school role-playing game fan, and the tongue-in-cheek postapocalyptic Fallout series is revered by players like me. After some corporate machinations, the Fallout franchise is now in the hands of Bethesda, best known for its Elder Scrolls fantasy line. It would be easy for Bethesda to make a hash of a closely watched project like Fallout 3, but thankfully it seems as if it is on track to create a captivating single-player experience worthy of Fallout’s august legacy.”

For more E3 coverage, you can also check out more at Gamer 2.0, GamingTrend, The Hachiko, Electric Playground, 411Mania, and NxGamers, who have not one, but two previews of the game.

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  1. Real emotional high seeing that GOTGAMETV game play footage. Those ghouls are like something out of a childs worst nightmare transformed into adult reality with their horrifying speed of psychotic murderous intent.

    Thanks for the rush 😀