The Brotherhood of Steel Are Coming

Standing next to one of the giant Brotherhood of Steel figures is pretty cool. These things are pretty darn big. Here’s a few shots from the booth.

Rotation of E3_2008 014.jpg

To give you an idea of scale, here’s me aiming a Fat Man at one:

Summer 100.jpg

But seeing them lined up a warehouse, preparing to invade various retail stores around the world? Darn near imposing. Hit the jump to see the legions preparing to be crated and boarded.



Reader Comments

  1. thats so freaking cool i haven’t words for it!!! please tell me there will be listings of what stores have them, because if i do not get a picture of myself with one i will have lived a sad and unfulfilled life. also, i would pay anything for one, and the charity auction is a great idea.

  2. Is this the bobblehead from my pre-order Survival edition? Knew I should have pre-ordered 2 🙂 Sure got a deal on that super saver shipping anyway.

  3. 1000 candidates (all wearing power armour and armed with the latest technology)
    but only 1 job
    who will be the next APPRENTICE

  4. @Jacob: I don’t know how much you have in the way of balls, but I’d risk destroying one of those bad boys for some kick-ass armor.

    Oh, and if you feel like slipping one out the door for a poor college student, I’m sure I can do something in return… Like not have to steal one or barter with a grumpy shop owner.

  5. *activates Sneak, Lockpick, Science*

    Got it unhooked, but… Great, they’re too heavy to move – my STR is only 6. Can anyone spare a +4 STR? We can fight over it “later”… *readies frag grenade, places 10mm SMG 30/30 AP in second slot*

  6. ive been playing fallout for 2 days now and i havent slept a minute dudes this is basically oblivion remade into the future it doesent matter because the game is still kickass and awesome and i will never get bored i mean its virtually impossible to get bored when playing this…seriously

  7. OMG i so want one….how many were sent to Finland…gimme locations so i can get one… now i can’t sleep… wish santa brings me one

  8. we’ve had a statue like this in our store for months, and just thursday someone came in with a halloween mask on and stole the gun since it just pops off.. our lp guy chased after the group of guys and got their plate number..hopefully we will have our gun back soon!

  9. Aww.. we never got any of those in Finland. Shame on you Bethesda. I would have killed some super mutant behemoths bare-handed if I could have gotten one of those. Would look neat in the corner of my room. Wouldn’t dare to place it in the yard though, it might go ruin!

  10. I need an amazing quality suit of Power Armor for my short film, any ideas? also, amazing statue, if possible, please tell me how to acquire one in B.C., Canada.

  11. Okay that’s a sight to behold, now if you could only do one holding a galing Laser.

    personally though i would like to see an Enclave Tesla Armor version myself! it my favorite to use next to the outcast brotherhood’s armor

  12. how much are one of these mofo’s. they look awesome I saw one today at my local GameKrazy and it was taller than my dad (he is 6’4″) and my jaw just about dropped. and I almost shit my self 😀

  13. OMG!! i’ll take a BOS power armour suit aaaannnddd a Fat Man aaannnddd poplar’s hood. LOL! these are easily the coolest things i have ever seen. How would some average joe get one?

  14. WOW I really want the one we have here in Liverpool in HMV. I have asked them now several times and will NOT give up on them. I love the game I am allways on it. And I love these statues I WANT ONE.