The Brotherhood of Steel Are Coming

Standing next to one of the giant Brotherhood of Steel figures is pretty cool. These things are pretty darn big. Here’s a few shots from the booth.

Rotation of E3_2008 014.jpg

To give you an idea of scale, here’s me aiming a Fat Man at one:

Summer 100.jpg

But seeing them lined up a warehouse, preparing to invade various retail stores around the world? Darn near imposing. Hit the jump to see the legions preparing to be crated and boarded.



Reader Comments

  1. No, seriously… These things are awesome… And I thought i was geeked out about the GAME… Now I can’t wait to try to con one out of a game shop owner!!! You guys should totally mass produce a smaller version for the public

  2. Reminds me of a certain Terracotta Army.

    Hey, you guys think we’ll see this as Terrorist propaganda soon?
    You know, Al Quaeda preparing to invade the US? πŸ˜›

  3. @ Edocsil

    Probably several will be poking out of dumpsters a few months after release…?

    Maybe they will be sold on e-bay.

  4. @Delaric

    Nah, they usually get stolen by employees.
    One of my friends who works at Rogers Video and EB games steals posters and figures to decorate his apartment. And his friend who works at Blockbuster and EB games does the same thing.
    At least that’s what most people I know seem to do.

  5. Possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen all month. You guys are making THESE and all I get is a bobble-head & a lunchbox with my Collectors Edition!?! SHENANAGINS!!!


  6. Wow … just wow. I can’t wait to be staring one of those guys in the face with my collector’s edition in hand … =)

  7. That is awesome, Can i have one with a minigun?

    Bethesda is making there retail statue army amazingly cool. Good Job

  8. Harmless advertising props? LIES!!! These are really genetically engineered super-soldiers being staged by Dick Cheney in preparation for an Armageddon inducing coup!

    At least that’s what I’m going to tell my paranoid friends when I forward them the pics. Sorry ’bout the coming firestorm Bethesda, but any advertising is good advertising, right?


  9. @ Princess Stomper

    All they need are some Robocop sound bytes:

    “Drop your weapon. You have ten seconds to comply.”

  10. I’ll give ya a 1000 in u.s. currency.. lol seriously tho.. those look pretty awesome and expensive to manufacture.. especially only to be stolen by a an employee or desperate enough fan to break some windows.. good stuff


    Wowee! Reminds me of a huge HR GIGER ALIEN statue i once saw at a comic book convention years ago.

    Stunning to say the least how Bethesda is pulling out all the stops to get FALLOUT 3 promoted. Its like the advertising is a glorious joyful game in itself.

  12. So, how heavy would you say these are?

    Also, what are their dimensions and how would one (or two) move one easily? Just thinking logistics, you know……for school or something..

  13. I’d put one by the front door of my apartment in case of a break in. Instead of worrying about replacing expensive stolen electronics after some one breaks down the door, you’d just need to worry about getting the stains from where the intruder pissed themselves cleaned up.

  14. Seeing as everything Fallout is really in demand I suggest you guys try to score a deal with DC Direct or some other high quality maker of action figures.

    Those would sell like HOTCAKES.

  15. If you guys end up auctioning these statues off or something, you’re gonna need to put a huge peel-off sticker on their chests that says:

    “Heavy Lift Machinery Required.”

  16. Dear Bethesda,

    I would like to purchase or get a hold of one of these life size satues of a brotherhood of steel soilder in power armor for my collection of fallout stuff dating back to when fallout first came out. Would this be possible after the game comes out and if not what $$$ would change your mind? What will be done to these once the game is out in retail for a long time?

    Thank you,
    Joseph M

  17. So, here we have the Microsoft money from the 360/PC DLC exclusivity? Man, what an army you could make with a full Fallout 3 exclusivity for the Redmond guys.

  18. I’m curious, do stores and establishments have to purchase these, or are they paid for by Bethesda and considered a marketing expense of the game?

    And like everyone else… I really do want one… I’m sure we’ll see it on eBay not too long afterwards.

    Pete, might I suggest that Bethesda do a Fallout Charity Auction for one of these puppies, I’d be willing to go into the 4 digit range to get one if the proceeds went to a good cause.

  19. So when does the contest or charity event to give one of these away start? I’d happily donate to a charity to get even a chance at one of those awesome statues.

  20. Oh, yes…. I will be needing one of those. Seriously, you need to think about making them available to super fans like us.