Fallout 3 nominated for three Game Critics awards


This afternoon the nominations for the Game Critics Awards’ “The Best Games of E3” were released — with Fallout 3 receiving nods in the Best of Show, Best Console Game, and Best Role Playing Game categories.

The nominations were determined by a panel judges from the various newspapers, magazines, television networks and blogs.

Winners for “The Best Games of E3” will be announced on Tuesday, August 5. For more details on the awards, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. Can’t really say i am surprised with the great showing you guys had. I would be surprised if you DIDN’T win all 3 nominations. Bethesda Rocks!

  2. Will you make developer tools available to us modders?If the tools are more friendly than oblivion’s it will boost fallout 3 sales.I recently rented EA’s mass effect.I’wouldn’t buy it, they haven’t released any modding tools.That contributes to small sales I think.Now get Fallout 3 published in order to make anouncements for the REAL GAME TES 5.

    Beth people we’ll wait your announcements in October on TES 5.

    Admin let this be posted.Thanx.

    TES 5 = THE GAME!!!