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Here’s a couple videos I thought you might be interested in checking out on Game Trailers. Up first, Geoff Keighley moderates a round table discussion about Music in Gaming for their Bonus Round series. Here, Inon Zur, the composer of Fallout 3, discusses the impact of music in videogames with Steve Schnur of EA and and Charles Huang from Red Octane.

This is only part 1 of the discussion. We’ll let you know when the next segment goes live. For more more news from around the web, hit the jump below.

Sticking with Game Trailers, last week the site began revealing their Best of E3 08 awards. In their last batch of winners announced yesterday, Fallout 3 won the award for Best RPG. Check out the video below.

In other preview coverage, Brad Hilderbrand has a two-page preview up on TGR. Here’s a sample:

“For rats and other small creatures, we aimed at the head, but the developers promised that there would be certain situations where enemies would be carrying some pretty heavy firepower, or possibly helmeted, and it may behoove you to try and take out their arms or legs so they either drop the weapon or lose some mobility before you go for the noggin. The VAT System is an interesting mechanic, and by making it a choice, you effectively give the player the ability to play the game how they want, something too few games do now-a-days.”

Elsewhere, Tech & Gadget blogger Nik Taylor has a short preview of the game.

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