Around the web: A few more E3-related links to check out

Here’s some of the newest Fallout 3 coverage to check out.

We’ll start with interviews, since there are plenty of new ones to check out. As we speak, Pete is touring Europe (five countries in five days), so you can expect new coverage from there in the coming days/weeks. GenNext (Netherlands) already cranked out their preview, which includes an interview with Pete (above).

Want more? Check out these interviews:

  • The Escapist catches up with Todd during the show.
  • Ripten caught up with Pete at E3 to discuss Fallout 3 and more importantly, to pose with Vault Boy.
  • Polish site Gry-Online interviewed Todd at our E3 booth.
  • GameZombie manages to frighten me with scary music in their interview with Todd.
  • Joystiq has an audio interview with Todd (as well as some pre-interview chatting with Pete).

In other news, a few more sites have included Fallout 3 in their E3 lists. At Joystiq, Fallout 3 captured the “Most Satisfyingly Explosive Heads and/or Limbs” award. We’d like to thank the Academy for this one — sounds like something Javier Bardem would win. In more conventional wrap-up coverage, Straight (Vancouver) and Video Game Examiner put Fallout 3 at the top of their E3 lists

Last but not least, in print, there’s a new Fallout 3 cover story at Atomix (Mexico).

Reader Comments

  1. Can you give any estimates on what percentage of the game achievements are gonna be fun little things like “exploding pants” and what percentage are going to be quest related? I really hope to see a plethora of quirky and awesome achievements that you guys come up with.

  2. Ooo Npc schedules and downloadable content 😀 Hopefully the DLCs will come out on cd once theres enough of them and an expansion pack is worth the money to create to sold along with it.

    Nice interview with a gritty in the trenches feel. Thanks..MAN!