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If you’re looking for new Fallout 3 previews and interviews, there’s plenty to check out.

First, the above is the cover for the August issue of Peelaja-magazine (Finland) which just recently made its way to newsstands. If you’re over in Finland, be sure to check it out.

There’s quite a few new interviews with Pete stemming from his busy trip to Europe last week. Crispy Gamer has a five-page interview conducted by Paul Semel. Here’s a sample:

Crispy Gamer: Over time, your guns in the game will wear out and ultimately become less accurate. First off, how quickly will that happen? Am I going to have to buy a new gun after every battle?

Hines: All weapons in the game degrade over time. Many are beat up when you first find them. You either have to repair them yourself using your Repair skill, or find people who can repair it for you. It’s not an immediate thing, but as you use a weapon you can see it start to degrade at what feels like the right level. So you have to find more of that weapon to repair it yourself, or pay someone to do it. If you have to do it after every battle, you’re probably wasting a lot of ammo and are a terrible shot. It doesn’t happen that fast.

Additional interviews with Pete can be found at the following sites:

There’s several new hands-on previews as well. Hit the jump to check them out.

Big Download has a feature on their site titled, “Five Reasons to Love Fallout 3.” You can discover those reasons by heading here. Meanwhile, at, Wesley Yin-Poole has high expectations for Fallout 3. Here’s a snippet of his discussion of VATS:

“It’s incredibly satisfying, and, crucially, fun. Pausing the action and cueing up attacks is classic Fallout, and is sure to please RPG fans the world over. It’s miles better than simply playing the game like a straight-up action game, which doesn’t feel as tight as other shooters. But because of the way the Action Point system works, in that they slowly replenish over time, you won’t be able to constantly use VATS. We found that we used it, then had to use the normal real-time FPS mode while we impatiently waited for our Action Points to increase. In a way, VATS feels so good it shows the normal shooting up, and we suspect we’ll end up wishing for more Action Points than we’ll get.”

For additional hands-on impressions of the game, check out these links as well:

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more coverage updates.

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  1. Pete talked about exclusive downloadable content about the size of KotN, do you guys have any ideas for larger content like shivering isles. I mean why only steal a hundred hours of my life with great gaming when you can steal so much more.

    Thanks for great gaming and making it so i don’t have to search for these articles by myself.

  2. I get this magazine monthly, its good gaming magazine and the fallout3 thingy is about 6 pages long with nice ammount of pictures.

  3. First, its good that you took the best looking cover for this :), and i also want to say that i wish that you wont let the fans down as happened with for as an example with GTA IV. I expected a marvellous, almost a historical game, but it didnt actually fill my expections, you have promised much and i truly hope that you will give the fans what they want, a game wich will offer us same epicness than previous Fallout’s, spiced with audiovisual level of today, and truly given the taste of Fallout’s. For now, it looks that you will fill our expects, good luck.

    Tough, it’s not about luck…