Fallout Car


When we launched Bethblog over a year ago, we shared some Fallout-themed cars created in Forza 2 by Tim Lamb and Gavin Carter. Those were cool, but how would it look on a real car? This week I received from photos from Ilyas, a Fallout fan from Moscow, who detailed his 2002 VW — transforming it into the “Fallout Car.”

Talk about riding in style! Check out more pics after the jump…




Reader Comments

  1. Great visuals. The 2002 VW isn’t my personal favorite car, but still looks great from the camera angles. My only complaint is why show a car with Fallout on it if there isn’t any drivable vehicles in Fallout 3. There are drivable cars in Fallout 1 & 2 though, so I guess its fine.

    Looking forward to the new and improved Fallout coming this Fall.