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Above is the latest edition of Game Trailers’ Music in Gaming series. This week’s discussion focuses primarily on distribution of music on gaming platforms — with Fallout 3 composer, Inon Zur, sharing his opinions on the matter. Next Sunday, the final segment on this series will air, with the panel discussing the future of composition in games — should be interesting to hear Inon’s thoughts on that.

Elsewhere, there’s a new press coverage out of Europe to check out. At Gamers Universe, there’s a lengthy video interview with Pete where he sounds off on topics ranging from VATs to DLC discussion.  New interviews can also be found at Bit-Tech, GamersGlobal, and From the latter, here’s a snippet of Pete discussing pacifism in Fallout 3:

Can you tag Medicine, Repair and Barter, and focusing on those skills, still be able to  complete the game?

Pete: Sure. We recently had someone play through the game and finish it while only killing one thing very early in the game…a Radroach. I’m not saying I recommend everyone run out and try to play the game as a pacifist, but if you want to give it a try, it has been done.

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IGN’s UK branch has a new preview up on the game. Here’s a snippet:

“Our first steps outside the Vault reinforce the fact that Fallout 3 is gorgeous, its landscape a considerable improvement over Oblivion’s rendering of Cyrodiil, and despite the bleak nature necessitated by the post-apocalyptic setting it inspires awe on a regular basis. While we’ll stop some way short of saying it’s one of the best looking games of the current generation — textures can prove a little flat and it sometimes lacks the high-def sheen that marks out the frontline of other AAA titles — it’s certainly one of the most atmospheric this side of BioShock.”

Finally, over at the BBC, Mark Cieslak put Fallout 3 atop his list of the Best Games on Show at E3.

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  1. I saw the BBC tv show this afternoon, their E3 special featured footage and impressions from Fallout 3. They also showed an interview with Todd Howard.

    Saw all of that while zapping for news on the Georgian crisis, it was a bit strange to see that in the middle of the other news channels videos of the war. And eerie.