Morrowind Modding Invitational Results


Back in June, I posted a head’s up on a modding invitational for Morrowind modders. Fliggerty, who put everything together, let me know this week that the results are up. You can check those out here.

Congrats go out to all that participated — sounds like everyone had fun doing it. Also, Fliggerty indicated to me that he might have an idea for another invitational in the near future. Stay tuned!

Reader Comments

  1. Omg you’ve got me up there! =lol= Just faints! =lol= It was fun. And stressful. The Judges were mean ogre’s !! =lol= Not really.. It was fun.. Now to see if I have the nerve to release myself to the general public … =smiles= Thanks…

    Spirited Treasure aka Sosi the Raven