Take a Nuka Break

nuka 001.jpg

As Kotaku reader Kain The Undead recently discovered, pre-ordering Fallout 3 at Best Buy will score you one of these Nuka-Cola magnetic bottle openers. In addition to the bottle opener, you’ll also get a coupon to save $5 on the Fallout 3 Strategy Guide. You can pre-order online (look for bottle opener “Special Offer”), or simply visit your local Best Buy store.

I tried to get some exciting action shots of this bad boy in action, but I ran into a few unexpected hurdles. First off, none of our refrigerators are magnetic. Blasphemy! So instead, just imagine that this bottle opener is holding up your favorite Deathclaw drawing you spent hours working on.

Next, I wanted to share a pic of it performing its primary function — opening bottles. Unfortunately, the only bottles I could find around the office were Nuka Cola bottles that have been sitting in cubicles for over a year. Aside from the fact that the drink itself wouldn’t be that refreshing anymore, opening one of those is like playing with a rare Boba Fett action figure with firing rocket pack…it should be illegal.

Anyways, I think the bottle opener is pretty cool. Just imagine the possibilities.

Reader Comments

  1. I feel unable to pre-order Fallout 3 in the UK because I don’t know what stores are going to have what extras.

    Here we have several stores offering “exclusive” fallout 3 packs, but without any details of what makes them exclusive.

    It would be great to have some clarification of what extras are going to be created and where each of these could be obtained, especially with fall 2008 fast approaching!

    I don’t want to have to scour eBay to buy an overpriced nuke cola bottle opener!

    Oh, and great blog!

  2. I totally went in and pre-ordered so I could get this and the coupon (which, incidentally is 5$ for me not 2$ ???) even though I already pre-ordered at Gamestop to get the mini soundtrack and poster.

    Talk about some awesome pre-orders!

  3. I noticed there isn’t a Wii version so I’m looking for an XBox 360 or PS3. Anyone know of plans for a Fallout customized XBox/PS3? Because I’ll wait for that. I’m not a big gamer and normally I would settle for just the Wii, but I need this game. So the only reason I’m buying one is for this game!

  4. Does this preorder bonus apply to the Windows version as well? I’ve checked the Best Buy website and it only allows you to preorder this with the console versions.