Fallout ink spotting


Fallout fan Rob Schuster sent me an email sharing his experience getting a Fallout tattoo. Above is the final product. According to Rob, he just felt it was time to “honor the greatest game series of all-time.” The tattoo was inked by Tommy Partin at Designs by Dana (Cincinnati, Ohio). As you can see, the tattoo is quite large, measuring in at 4 1/2″ by 5″.

Hit the jump below to see the painful process (those afraid of needles can just admire the final product above).


Early Stages


The artist in action.


Close up of the final product.

Very cool!

Reader Comments

  1. Awesome tatoo man! It is a bit large though, and unfortunately it will likely grow down to your ankle in a few years! 😉 But totally worth it! Fallout ftw!!!