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  1. Heh.

    I really wonder how good your games could be if you threw half the money you guys waste on PR on the game instead.

    Funny stuff.

  2. @JB: Yeah that and 1984/Big Brother…Creeeeeeepy

    But yeah, that must have been pretty awesome to walk down, knowing you were heading into a vault where no one enters and no one leaves…Actually, that probably wouldn’t have been the feeling, but rather that you were about to watch the Demo of the game, firsthand and in RD(Real Definition) instead of all over the internets.

  3. i was there yesterday (i live near leipzig) and i can say it was very good and the game will be awsome.

    in my mind the highlight of the convention.

    (sorry for my english:)

  4. On the 1up show they have a small part of the floor segment with the Fallout booth up and running complete with actors wearing authentic Vault suits. Awesome (Putts Ricky’s G. last years Halloween costume to shame)