Post Apocalyptic Film Festival starts tonight


Just a friendly reminder for folks in the LA area this weekend. ‘A Post-Apocalyptic Film Festival Presented by Fallout 3′ begins tonight at 7PM (PST) at the Aero Theatre. Tickets can still be purchased for tonight and tomorrow’s lineup at Fandango.

Here’s a rundown of the films being shown:

Friday, August 22nd (beginning at 7PM Pacific Time)

Saturday, August 23rd (beginning again at 7PM PT)

In addition to the showing the films, there will be some Fallout 3-related happenings each night. Have fun, and don’t forget to order a large bucket of popcorn — that’s a lot movie watching!

Reader Comments

  1. [Damn…. California gets all the cool stuff, E3, Comicon, now this. Doesn’t anyone care about us Eastern folk?? =(

    Left by Karnieopt on August 22nd, 2008

    Us eastern folks are self sufficient. We have our own 52inch screen televisions with collections of endless selections of horror,sci-fi and other nasties to be viewed at any time of day or night. And we only pay for it once then its free! free! free viewings forever!