Fallout 3 at PAX (1st Hands-On for the Public!)

With Leipzig behind us we now get, like, a day to recoup before we had out to Seattle for PAX. We’re all very excited about it as none of us have been before and we have a lot going on this year.

We will have a booth at the show, and we’re planning to allow the public their first opportunity to play Fallout 3. That’s right, hands-on. Now, there’s gonna be 50,000 people or more at this show so they don’t get to sit down and play it for an hour, but we’ll have six kiosks setup in our booth for folks to come by and have a chance to take it for a spin.

We’ll also be handing out handy Vault Dweller Survival Guides to everyone that stops by the booth. These things are a must have, I love them. Really well done. Plus you have to come by and checkout the Airstream.

We’ll also be giving a new Fallout 3 demo in the Main Theatre on Saturday at 2:30pm. This is right after the Main Theatre session where Gabe and Tycho draw a strip, so I’m sure lots of people will already be over that way. It’s a pretty lengthy demo and I’ll be there along with Todd, Emil, and Istvan. We may have a chance to do a short Q&A with folks, I don’t know. Between the demo and what we have planned after the demo, we may be pretty short on time. If you like schwag, I wouldn’t leave early…that’s all I’m sayin’.

And speaking of demos there may be a new gameplay video coming out on Friday that will be a very condensed version of the PAX demo for everyone that doesn’t get to come see it, and to whet the appetite for everyone that will be coming.

Then on Saturday night we are sponsoring a Post-Apocalyptic Movie Night. It’s at 9 PM in Raven Theatre. The movies to be shown are voted on by you guys, and right now it looks like 12 Monkeys and The Road Warrior are in the lead.

Looking forward to meeting a lot of folks out there and showing people the game. Stop by the booth and say hi as we’ll all be there working the booth and answering questions.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow talk about intense atmosphere. A real supernova of broiling fun. This will definitely leave an ecstatic after effect once the game is unleashed upon the public giving Bethesda a brief rest before the hunger to create rises once more.

    Thanks for the info in this busiest of times 🙂

  2. Will FALLOUT 3 have full environment shadows? The environment looks a bit flat without them. I remember long nights with FALLOUT 2 – one of the best games ever made and i’m really looking forward to this one. I hope the graphics will be improved to todays standards with full support of environmental shadows – not just the characters. Would like to get answer for the developers about this.

  3. Hmmmm 3 hour drive and gas = $30
    Entry Fee, grub, misc = $70
    Schwag, new Demo, And a chance to play Fallout 3 = Pricless

  4. I’m really glad you guys were at PAX this year. Fallout looked amazing, I wasn’t able to play it but I loved the presentation at the panel. I was surprised to see Todd hanging around the booth, usually most of the studios keep all their big guys locked away in their vaults for the public cons. Didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but it was great to see the recognizable faces there. Will you guys be selling the PA Posters? On the last day when I stopped by the booth I realized I forgot the cards at home in my schwag bag so I was never able to get a poster. I’d like to put one up next to my preorder poster, so I’d really like to hear if you’ll be selling them in the future.

  5. Why can’t any games conventions in Ireland? Please Bethesda have a convention in Cork city sometime!
    Anyway, i cant wait for the game. Im not big into rpgs but Oblivion was class!
    Keep up the good work guys!