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After a week out of the office, here’s a catch up Fallout 3 coverage.

Shacknews’ Nick Breckton made his way to PAX on Friday, where he interviewed Pete and Istvan, and also went hands-on with the game, in which he admits his “rabid anticpation” for the game. Here’s a snippet:

“The thing about the VATS system–the slow motion approximation of Fallout’s tactical limb targeting system–is that, while it at first seems to function more like a bullet time system, it fundamentally works on the same level of Fallout’s original system. There’s that same decision between a sure shot or a low-percentage attempt, and that same glorious anticipation before a 99%, skull-exploding, point-blank blast to the eye.”

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IGN’s Jason Ocampo spent about an hour playing the game at PAX. Among other things, he shared his impressions of picking locks in the game:

“My wanderings around the tunnels also let me encounter the lock picking minigame for the very first time. This is sort of like lock picking in a Splinter Cell game, where you jam a bobby pin and a screwdriver into the lock. You must use the left stick to rotate the bobby pin and the right stick to apply force to the screwdriver. The trick is to carefully apply pressure with the screwdriver while maneuvering the bobby pin to pick the lock. If you apply too much force, the bobby pin can snap, and since you have a limited number of bobby pins, that’s a bad thing.”

New PAX impressions can also be found at the following sites:

Elsewhere, Game Informer put up new E3 impressions from three of their staff members that each spent their time trying different things within the game. You can read it here.

Reader Comments

  1. Dear Lord God, you people need to release this game yesterday. I’ve spent the past two hours rewatching the gameplay videos and reading firsthand accounts of playthroughs.

    I feel like an 8 year old on December 21st.

  2. No no- I feel like I’m four days away from Christmas morning. The hellish, insurmountable, extraordinarily barren four days of tension, anxiety, and anticipation.

    Except those four days are actually two months.

    By the way, is it possible to have you guys write a note for my professors to explain why my GPA will tank following October 28?


  3. I second that emotion. Currently in the process of writing my pro gradu thesis, but that’s all going to hell in a handbasket come end of October.