PAX was like a crate full of puppets

Whew! After three long days in Seattle, we’ve returned from PAX. With over 58,000 people at the event, we had our hands full — but it was definitely worth it. We had a blast chatting with fans and letting them try out Fallout 3.

One of the highlights of the event was the reaction to the Vault 77 puppets. Above is a video from the Omegathon — where the dancing puppets stole the show…

Reader Comments

  1. Boy those must have been some tired arms and sore shoulders after all that puppet dancing. Brrr just thinking about it makes me wanna take a tylenol.

  2. @Hellbishop:

    I was part of that spontaneous puppet troupe, and yes, it was painful. We all kept changing hands to fight the sore muscles during the omegathon, and afterwards, I had to drive home from Seattle to Portland, which made things worse.

    But we were having so much fun, it didn’t matter. Here’s hoping we can get the puppet troupe back together for PAX 2009!