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  1. Geez you can’t blame Bethesda for selling their main title through every major vendor they can. The only reason I wouldn’t want to get this title through Wal-Mart is that I was under the impression they had strict ratings control and extra censoring guidelines. Is that only for their music titles?

  2. Oh come on, don’t bring the whole Walmart conspiracies here. This is awesome, I’m glad to see you guys are getting more exclusive preorder gifts from different stores. I hope Fallout 3 sells millions. 🙂

  3. “I’m still holding out for a pink skinny Vault Boy tee … ”

    You could always make a custom one for yourself on Cafepress… that’s what I did =)

    Well, not a pink skinny, but you know what I mean…..

  4. Man! I’ve got my collector’s edition paid for @ Gamestop already. I paid $5 for the Nuka Cola bottle cap opener @ Best Buy, and i would buy any other swag i could find, but i would LOVE a shirt!!! C’mon guys, and get an apparel link up @ the site! Please!!!

  5. I had a dream i went to wal-mart and was standing in line to get fallout and was the last person in line…they ran out. So i ended up begging this worker guy. He had five store copies, or some other made up use, so i ended up running dangerous errands for him. I woke up before i got it…im definitely pre-ordering.

  6. Damn, and all got was a sound track at Gamestop. Hey Beth, would you guys seriously consider some merchandising. I’m really craving some hoodies and t-shirts for everything Bethedsda Softworks. Pleeeeeeease.

  7. Speaking of pre-order perks, why is it that those of us who will fork over $120 for the Survival Edition from don’t get anything from our pre-order but a long wait? We’re ordering the most exclusive, expensive version of the game…I demand a t-shirt or a Vault Boy keychain or something!

  8. This game may be the finest game since Pong! I grew up having to duck-n-cover for fear Reagan was going to drop big ones on USSR. Now we (Actually the Prez) just dropped big ones on ourselves ($$$ bailout)…politics aside, this shirt needs alternative stores to go to!!!