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Yesterday Edge Online put up a new feature celebrating 50 moments in videogames that left your jaw dropping to the floor. Amongst the list were moments from the original Fallout (The Glow), as well as the Dark Brotherhood quest from Oblivion. Here’s what they had to say about the latter:

They come soon after you commit murder against the innocent. Then you have a choice: walk with the virtuous, or stray to the side of The Dark Brotherhood. Those who chose dark over light were rewarded with one of the best storylines in an RPG.

Pretty good list if you ask me…had me reminiscing about some of my favorite gaming moments. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments section.

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Joystiq’s Ross Miller played Fallout 3 while talking with Emil at PAX last weekend. Here’s a snippet of his thoughts on the game:

“The VATS targeting system makes it fun (and addictive) to jump into combat. I tried to stop fighting everyone and just follow the quest portion of the game, but it is very, very hard not to pull that (right) trigger. Luckily, holding X will put your weapon away. Not only does that curtail the killing fever, but it also makes you move faster.”

Additional PAX hands-on impressions can be found at the following sites:

Elsewhere, there’s a four-page interview with Emil on GamaSutra about the writing in Fallout 3. Here’s a brief sample:

You previously worked on Oblivion, which has more of a standard fantasy backdrop compared to Fallout’s cynical post-apocalyptic world, although your Dark Brotherhood quest in Oblivion has been singled out for its quality of writing. As a writer, how do you approach the change in tone between those games?

Emil Pagliarulo: You just hit it right there. The toughest thing at first — the very first thing I wrote for the game was the Ron Perlman introduction. If there’s one thing you don’t want to screw up, it’s that.

[I was] listening to the original Fallout introduction with Ron Perlman, then trying to emulate that, but do our own thing too — what kind of story do we want to tell with our introduction?

Going from that into writing for the game, the biggest hurdle to overcome was that in Oblivion, it’s not only fantasy, but it’s an empire at the height of its power. The Oblivion Gates are opening up, and hell is breaking loose, but everybody’s pretty well off.

Finally, a belated shout out to Elder Scrolls site, TESNexus. Congrats on your 7th anniversary!

Reader Comments

  1. lol i made a character specifically for the DB quests. But i personally preferred the Thieves guild quests. Its got the twists and the craziness (remember the crazy stuff in the citadel?) and action. Highly underrated.

    As for the OMG article. I think the last level of the original Condemned qualifies. I mean, following the trail of a madman in a pitch black house where you had to choose between light (and essentially life) and the uv light was heart-pounding. I hate those stupid little crawling things.

  2. I would have to say a serious jaw dropper was when I found out about Darth Revens true identity in Knights of the old republic. Not to mention the surprises in KOTOR2.

  3. Dark brotherhood, damn that really was one of best questlines I have ever faced in a game. It even presented me a completely new way of playing oblivion with all the sneaking.

    Hopefully you guys at Bethesda have given a similar Darker questline wich not only presents player with morale questions for the upcoming fallout game.

    – loving the way of the “infamous” in oblivion. Vampire <3 DarkBrotherhood <3

  4. haha I laught my ass off at some of them!

    I killed Hitler 2 in my FIRST floppy game Wolfenstein!

    MAN I was scared after that gamescene xD

    Love it tnx! 😉

  5. One specific quest in the Dark Brotherhood Questline: Purification. I was like “Ahem… excuse me? Did I just hear that right? You want me to do what?”

    Also, some 8 years ago when I was playing EverQuest and fell into The Hole by accident with no way to get my body back. LOL

  6. The “revelation” in Bioshock was jaw-dropping, as was the first betrayal in Mass Effect, plus another bit right near the end where you think it’s actually going to end one way and it twists in the last moments.

    My favourite OMG moments in Elder Scrolls games are the curse of Dagoth Gares, the bit in Tribunal when you “meet” Sotha Sil, and the bit in Bloodmoon when you’re in the maze and your companion drops a bombshell.

  7. heyy i loved the dark brohther hood first guild to beat , and do you know how can i find a t-shirt with oblivion the elder scrolls on it !!