Zenimax Online Studios unveils website


Thought you guys would like to know that ZeniMax Online Studios launched their new website today. Check it out to learn more about the company — including current job listings and a greeting from Matt Firor, the company president.

Speaking of job listings, recruiters from ZeniMax will be at this year’s Austin Game Developers Conference next week. If you’re interested in a job and in town for the conference, be sure to stop by Booth 100.

Reader Comments

  1. obLIVion oNliNE!11

    Am I rite, am I rite? Yeah, totally man!

    – Most likely however, I can see a TES related online project in the future (hopefully not too-too near). I’ll play it, probably try to beta test it – And I hope to heaven, that I’ll like it.

  2. Elder Scrolls Online? Another World of Warcraft clone? Thank’s but no thanks.

    I don’t think The Elder Scrolls would work that well online. The mmorpg genre would utterly slaugher everything that makes The Elder Scrolls – The Elder Scrolls.
    It’s much more than killing Daedra Lords.
    I got into The Elder Scrolls because it was different.

    I hope that whatever these guys make, elder scrolls or not, it hope it will be different than the others out there. Every Mmorpg is the same.

  3. Good for them. I like to hear that the creators of the ES series are doing well. Although I really hope that they will continue modable RPG pc games for the ES series for the future.

  4. i looked at that picture and thought “hammerfell MMO” and then i thought that it could be Yokuda, which gave me a gamegasm.

    ES could make a fantastic, revolutionary MMORPG… as long as its not another WoW clone. thats not hard to do, just wait a year to graduate 😉

  5. lol…
    a TES online its a excellent job!
    urs can make a all world of tamriel in TES, not some a region, “Hammerfel” at example.
    But all the world and good history equal as the morrowind and goo tech & design of the obvilion its came a extraordinary.
    If this game came to exist one day ,i buy or download for the price, truly.