The Gray Fox rap


Just when I thought I’d see/heard it all, someone comes along with a fan tribute that blows my mind. In this latest instance, Elder Scrolls’ fan Chris McFadden sent me this rap he put together in honor of Gray Fox — a fan favorite of any Thieves Guild member.

Check out Chris’ tribute below, and get the lyrics here.


Reader Comments

  1. Wow that was just… awesome. When can we expect the full “Skooma Rhymes and Bowstring Raps” album to drop? And we need to get them back into the studio in time for FO3’s release.

  2. I just went to You Tube and tried to find a copy of this to post on our Oblivion Addicts Club group, it wasn’t there. I have the link posted on my group page, everyone will love this!

  3. Wow his words ring in rhyming song that which can only be felt by true brutal experiance. Surely the beggers love him so!

    Thank you for this tale of woe and hope.