Prepare for the Future: Now Online and Fully Operational

During E3 week, we launched a new Fallout site, For the past two months, content of the site has only been teased. Starting today, you can go through and explore the nooks and crannies of the site, which are divided into different channels.

Plenty of hard work went into the site, so we hope you have as much fun checking it out as we’ve had putting it together.

But enough talk. Head over to the site and let us know which channels you like best.

Reader Comments

  1. A quick comment on it, here. For quite some time I had the entry page loaded, but had no idea, because the ‘choose your country’ text was so dark as to be practically unreadable.

    If I had to guess, the web developers did this on Macintoshes, and never viewed it on a PC. Macs need much lower gamma settings.

  2. Could you guys upload all those videos to youtube? Because I’ve read a lot of people are having trouble seeing the videos, and for me they’re choppy and leave parts out. It’d be greatly appreciated.


  3. I’ve run out of superlatives, so I’m going to go with ‘awesomelicious’.

    My favourite channel is #8, with the interactive map – click on an attraction for an ingame video. Beware, though – because all the rest of you buggers are wanting a go, load times are agony.

    All the live action stuff is just superb. My favourite bit is still with the salesman-scientist explaining VATS.

  4. So awesome!

    My favorite was Channel 10, really cracked me up! I also really liked Channel 1, I ended up blowing my self up on the first spin! =D

    I wonder what happened to Channel 7 … I even tried to drag one of the other buttons over to it but no luck. 😉

  5. Pavel, move your mouse around, and eventually you should see some text go from really, really dark brown, to slightly less dark brown, and you can select your country. After that you do the same thing and enter your date of birth, and then once you’re in the site is really pretty neat.

  6. OMG Awesome Job guys!

    haha I love channel 4, with the Protectron and channel 1 is very cool two!

    But what actually happens at channel 9?

    love it!