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Here’s some of the newest Fallout 3 coverage from this week.

Here is a clip of Todd being interviewed by X-Play’s Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb during PAX. That Saturday, they were filming their X-Play segments for about an hour or so at our booth. All I can say is…total pandemonium. Between the guys lining up behind them, and the guys in line to get their Fallout 3 swag, it definitely wasn’t easy getting around.

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A new hands-on preview of the game can be found at Kikizo, with Alex Wollenschlaeger

“So, what did I learn from my brief taste of Fallout 3? I suppose my most unexpected realization was that I am really, really eager to play the finished game. The overwhelming depth and fantasy setting of Bethesda’s previous big game, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, put me off that game, but the setting, story, and VATS system have won me over here.”

Elsewhere, you can find a new interview with Pete over at

That’s all the news for now, have a great weekend.

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  1. Nice interview with Todd at Pax. Really bought home how realistic weapons combat will feel like with enemies going for that gun which just hit the ground and the cool repair and salvage angle like in Mechwarrior. Nice to see npcs are going to be even more aware and responsive to player actions thanks to a certain nit picky past review of Oblivion 🙂

    Great interview with Pete Hines. Revealed alot about the development and how it feels to see the huge game world develop over the years. Interested to read what an eye opener it was to see Morrowind be such a hit on consoles and that Bethesda games arent just for the pc crowd.