The Real World meets Fallout: Power Armor and Nuclear Cars


Fallout 3 might take place in an alternate history; branching apart from our history back in the 1950s, but that doesn’t mean some of the ideas don’t surface in our history. Here’s two examples I came across this week.

Over in the BSG forums, member andyguy82 came across a Sci-Tech article about real-life power armor being developed in Japan. Robot Suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) is a “wearable device that dramatically increases the strength of the wearer.” Okay, maybe that suit looks more like something out of Tron thanFallout…but it’s still cool.

If you’re looking for something with more of a Fallout flavor to it, Todd emailed me this an article about how Ford planned a nuclear-powered car in 1957, aptly titled the Ford Nucleon. Here’s a snippet of the article, written by in 2006:

“The Nucleon’s silent, sleek, and efficient design was poised to secure its place in the American lifestyle of the future. It seemed inevitable that the internal combustion engine would fade into obscurity, becoming a quaint relic of a pre-atomic past. But the Nucleon’s design hinged on the assumption that smaller nuclear reactors would soon be developed, as well as lighter shielding materials. When those innovations failed to appear, the project was scrapped due to conspicuous impracticality; the bulky apparatus and heavy lead shielding didn’t allow for a safe and efficient car-sized package. Moreover, as the general public became increasingly aware of the dangers of atomic energy and the problem of nuclear waste, the thought of radioactive atomobiles zipping around town lost much of its appeal. Atoms had broken their promise; the honeymoon was over.”


Sounds like Ford wised up and didn’t want exploding cars, like we’ve got in Fallout 3.

If you spot any Real World Fallout stuff, be sure to let us know here on the blog.

Reader Comments

  1. Cant believe how fast Japan has risen to the top of Robotics research and development. They definitely deserve all the praise and rewards.

    That Ford Nucleon looks more stylish then anything i’ve ever seen hit the road. Too bad people found out about the dangers of atomic energy. Just imagine the lawsuits and the lawyers who could’ve made a fortune 😀