Who we’re rooting for: Steelers and…Frankenstein?

This week I thought I’d try something different — find out what teams (NFL, college football, MLB, etc.) folks at the office root for, as well as their favorite moments. I didn’t know what to expect, since not everyone at the office has sports memorabilia around their desk space (like Ash, Pete and Todd). From reading the answers I got, clearly, not everyone is a sports fan.

Nevertheless, the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Steelers were amongst the most popular. Since the Red Sox get enough attention already, I decided to use this video as a tribute to Steelers Nation — a classic Super Bowl commercial from 1980 of Mean Joe Green taking a Nuka Coca- Cola break.

Next week, I think I’ll stick with games.

Erik J. Caponi: A proud member of the Steelers Nation. My most memorable sports moment was when I was in Pittsburgh for the 2005 Super Bowl win. Right after the game, I went outside for a quiet moment before the celebrating began. All around me, off in the distance, you could hear the entire city cheering. And then there was a riot. No joke. I got to see a car get flipped. It was rad.

Emil Pagliarulo: Boston Red Sox. You have to understand, that as a nerd growing up in Boston, I was never particularly into baseball, or any other sport for that matter. But now that I’ve lived away from home for several years, I finally have an appreciation of what the Red Sox truly represent. When I watched them win the 2004 World Series, it was a completely moving experience for me.

Adam Adamowicz: Frankenstein v.s Wolfman, Dracula’s Castle.Frankenstein takes State, zombies win the after game riots.

Brian Bloomfield, QA Project Lead: Rooting for the Eagles. Long time Eagles fan, hopefully they can bounce back from last week’s Dallas loss. Most memorable sporting moment would probably have to be seeing T.O. play in Super Bowl XXIX, despite not being cleared by the doctors.

Ricardo Gonzalez, Programmer of Some Note: My favorite Sporeâ„¢ team are the Mandlebrots. Goooo Mandlebrots! Wait, wha? “Sport” team? What’s a “Sport”??

Fred Zeleny, Pittsburgh Expatriate: Here we go, Steelers, here we go!

Joel Burgess: Hoping to see Chelsea set the tone for this year’s premiership by stomping Man U on Sunday.

Mike Lipari, Programmer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Best moment was probably finally making it past Todd’s Eagles in the playoffs on our way to our single SuperBowl win.

Dan Ross: I’m rooting for Piranha Advancements in the AG-350 league this year. I remember back in ’97 when Piranha first debuted, they had the most powerful engine in the F5000 league; it was a thing of beauty.

Michael McGinn: Rooting for assegai developments this year in the AG-350 League. Best memories? probably some of their wins on p-mar project in the F7200 days.

Brett Douville, Amateur Little League Coach: My sons’ little league teams. One is off to a great start in a kid pitch league, and the other, well, is off to less of a great start in a machine pitch league, but both enjoy the sport, and I love working with them and their friends. Recently my older son was part of a great double play! I’m also keeping an eye on whether the Sox can still nab the AL East after a disappointing 3-game series in Tampa Bay.

Jonathan Bilodeau, Graphics Programmer: Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and the New Orleans Saints. I grew up with Boston sports, so it’s something I follow pretty regularly. I can’t really explain why I’m a Saints fan, but it has to do with them being lousy when I was young, feeling bad for them, rooting for them to win, and having a Saints sweatshirt. After that it just kind of stuck. My most memorable moment was the Red Sox comeback in the 2004 ALCS and eventually going on to win the World Series.

Bruce Nesmith: Green Bay packers. With or without Favre, they are my team.

Pete Hines: Cheering on the Demon Deacons, Panthers

Dan Teitel, Programmer: There are no more hurricanes, Ravens fans. It’s time for Joe Flacco to go take his second test.

Todd Howard: Notre Dame Football, enjoying the slow march to the 2010 National Championship.

Christopher Rodriguez: I’m a jersey boy, so I root for the Giants and Devils. Most memorable moment: I was at the 2003 Stanley cup finals, Game 7, Ducks v. Devils — a 3-0 win to clinch the Cup. Amazing to seem my team skate around with the Cup on the ice in person.

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Cheering on the Wolverines and the Lions this fall. Things aren’t going well, so I’m already gearing up for the Pistons season. Most memorable sporting moment: Going to the 1998 Michigan vs. Ohio State – game Michigan won to make the Rose Bowl and eventually win the National Title.

Jason Little: Hoping that the UCF Knights can find a way around Boston College on Saturday and cheering for the Redskins on Sunday. Really bummed out about Agent Zero knee issues… Most memorable moment was the last NFC championship game held at RFK in ’92 when I got to see Barry Sanders play and the Redskins win on the same day.

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: Eww, sports.

Reader Comments

  1. [Adam Adamowicz: Frankenstein v.s Wolfman, Dracula’s Castle.Frankenstein takes State, zombies win the after game riots.]

    Thats the ticket! MAN! And lets not forget Frankensteins great win in The Deathrace 2000 and of course that old favorite Werewolf Of Washington.

    As for football bah humbug! It hasnt been worth watching since Joe Montanna in the mid 1980s.

  2. Oh and great 1970s coke commercial. Havent seen that one since i was a wee little lad.The good ol days when image counted for something. Nowadays its all sex sex and more sex 😀 Not that theres anything wrong with that heh heh…