David reveals almost nothing…


I don’t know whether we’ve ever mentioned him, or if he has said so himself, or if it’s already known, but David Hodgson wrote the Fallout 3 strategy guide for us that will be coming out from Prima (N. America) and Future (Europe). Once again, another “phonebook” guide.

Google Alerts just let me know David recently did a blog post over at the Prima web site about the experience, complete with a whole slew of non-spoilers. Here’s an excerpt:

But if you’re wanting to explore every nook, cranny, and small wasteland [SPECIFIC SETTLEMENT TITLE REMOVED] out in the middle of a blasted heath, you’ll need to free up a seriously large amount of time; more than mere weeks: [NOPE, CAN’T SAY], in fact. Fortunately, these expeditions can be performed in [A DIFFERENT, AND SUITABLY VAGUE MANNER], allowing you to savor the experience, as well as picking and choosing where you’d like to visit, and how savaged you’d like to get at the talons of a [REALLY RATHER COOL CREATURE I CAN’T MENTION].

We’ll be working with David again. There isn’t anyone here that worked on this project with him that wasn’t completely impressed with his professionalism and fanaticism in getting this guide done. He was tireless and did an outstandng job.

Matt and I have talked about getting something together with him for the blog, perhaps an interview where he’s talks to some degree about the process without ruining the game for everyone. After all, the guy is a walking Fallout 3 spoiler at this point. In the meantime, head over to read what else he had to say.

Reader Comments

  1. If this guide’s anything near as good as oblivion’s it’s a must buy. That guide showed so much stuff I didn’t know about!
    Also why does fallout 3 and fable 2 have to launch a week apart? I don’t know what I want to play the most!

  2. Well I really hope Fallout is just as big as they’ve hinted to it being. I’ll getting on PC, I know that for sure. That way when someone else is watching TV I can play Fallout, and when someone else is using the computer, I can play Fable 2 🙂

  3. Oblivion’s guide was good? It had multiple blatant errors, missing information, occasional bad advice, and offered absolutely nothing that could not be found within minutes, for free, on the internets.

  4. Well you can pre-order it in Europe too. The companies just get it shiped directly from Prima games. Which means I can actually get the guide before I get the game hehe. (kindda sucks)

    Just to prove it I give you this link:


    I know it is in Danish, but i think you get the idea.

    Other than that i think it stinks that we can’t get the Pip-Boy 3000 here and that competitions like the one from Joystiq is only for North American people.

    Sorry for that, but i had to get it out.