Screenshots in 3D


Over at Planet Elder Scrolls, member BerenSiana has created 3D screenshots of Oblivion. No, these aren’t the type that require crazy-looking glasses like the ones above. These are actually cross-eye pictures that, as you would expect, require you to cross your eyes to see a 3D image. For more information on the concept, head here.

Let me know what you guys think. As weird as it sounds, I’m incapable of crossing my eyes. Don’t know if it’s a genetics thing, but my dad can’t do it either. It sort of makes me feel like the guy in Mallrats that tries to see the sailboat in the Magic Eye picture.

Anyways, you can download BerenSiana’s screenshots here.

Reader Comments

  1. They all look like they were pop up book pictures
    that is to say very obvious planes (3 or 4 of them?) with what is on each plane looking like a 2d cut-out at that planes distance. When I look at a true stereo pair Including my collection of stereopticon slides from the 19th century this effect is not seen in most of them. I think it is caused by too great a distance between the left and right (virtual) camera lens; you want to aim at something like 3 to 4 inches.

    All that said a nice effort and fun to look at.

    For those of you having problems seeing these a cheap plastic set of lenses on a pop down wire stand (intended for students looking at airphoto pairs) should do the trick. You can make your own out of a cheap pair of drugstore reading glasses

  2. I made some 3d-screenshots of Oblivion (and various other games as well) some time ago, tried both the cross-eyed version and the colored-glasses version. Never posted them anywhere though.