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Thought I’d point out a few articles I came across while going through a stack of magazines at my desk.

The September issue of Play Magazine has an interview with Fallout 3 Lead Producer Gavin Carter. In the interview, the Gav discusses topics ranging from the Gamebryo engine, game performance and Fallout 3 gameplay. Here’s a sample:

play: What gameplay situations in Fallout 3 really demonstrate the engine’s new ballistics and physics system?

Gavin: The best situations to see this in are during VATS sequences. VATS allows you to pause time, target specific areas of an enemy, and queue up moves that are then executed in a cinematic fashion.

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The editors of OXM have put out a special issue entitled Ultimate Guide to Xbox 360 Achievements. No, you won’t find any new details regarding Fallout 3’s achievements, but you can find other ways to boost your 360 Gamerscore. Regarding Oblivion, the achievement you receive for joining the Dark Brotherhood (Murderer, Dark Brotherhood) ranked as OXM’s favorite achievement of all time. Speaking of OXM, in their November 2008 issue, Todd Howard shares Bethesda Game Studios’ motto in an article about developing games on XNA. Check out the issue to find out what it is.

In community coverage, the November issue of PC Gamer (US) has an article playing games on your laptop. Within the article, they give a shout out to Qarl’s Texture Pack in Oblivion. Nice!

Finally, if you’re in the UK, 360 Gamer has a new hands-on preview of Fallout 3 in their latest issue. Check it out on newsstands.

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