Around the web: Tales from San Francisco

Pete spent Monday and Tuesday letting press folks go hands-on with Fallout 3 for a few hours. Today there’s a slew of new previews and interviews to read. Here’s the rundown…

We’ll start at Gamespot, who have a video interview with Pete (shown above). I could help but laugh at the backdrop for the interview. With that fireplace, it looks like Pete is on Masterpiece Theater. When you’re done watching that, Shaun McInnis shares his latest impressions after playing for four hours. Here’s a snippet:

“Back inside the corrugated metal walls of Megaton, I walked down to the atomic bomb sitting in the middle of town. For the second time, I rolled right up next to it and gave it a good inspection. This time, I was able to disarm the thing and rescue the local citizens from the precarious position of living in a city with a live atom bomb acting as a town plaza. Lucas Simms was so grateful that he gave me the keys and deed to a local house. I was pretty excited about that, considering that I’d spent the previous night sleeping on a mattress I’d found in the Super-Duper Mart bathroom.”

More coverage after the break…

1Up’s Robert Ashley took a semi-live blog approach to his preview — logging the time at which memorable moments took place during his precious time playing the game. In related news, a feature by Scott Sharkey ranks Fallout as the #1 Videogame Apocalypse.

For more interviews with Pete, head to Shacknews and Xbox Evolved. If you’re looking for more hands-on impressions, there’s plenty read. New coverage can be found at GameSpy, Team Xbox, Kotaku, Joystiq, Giant Bomb, and on IGN’s PS3 and PC sites.

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  1. Hey, can trees be broken or blown up in the game? and can granades be thrown wherever, because that’s what fallout 2 had missing which would have been cool…