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Happy Monday to all! Found a few things I thought you’d like to check out.

Blinzler from Planet Fallout has a new feature to help prep folks for the release of Fallout 3. The series begins with Part 1: Creatures of the Wasteland.

In interview news, there’s a pair of new interviews worth reading. At GamaSutra, Todd talks about the process of creating Fallout 3, while Pete tackles questions at Big Download. Here’s a snippet from the former:

How does it feel, by the way, to have been making games for that period of time, and especially having one series that has existed for so long?

Todd: Well they take so long, so it’s not like we’ve made many games. It’s good. I mean, I think we’re lucky, in that the audience for what we do hasn’t gone away. It’s gotten bigger, if anything. It’s gotten a lot bigger. So, we’re fortunate that we can make those kinds of games that we want to play.

Finally, on GameTrailers, I found this video of the Frag Dolls interviewing Todd at PAX. Check out the embedded video below.

That’s all for now.

Reader Comments

  1. That GamaSutra interview with Todd was probably the most interesting interview out of the many dozens I’ve read recently. Really fascinating – particularly from a modder’s point of view, as he discusses how he approaches game design. Excellent stuff. 🙂

  2. Great Scott!!! Radroaches just like in the movie Damnation Alley! AGGGHHH! They’re eating me alive and theres not a picture of Marilyn Monroe in sight! Uhhhhh…

    Ahhh the Glowing Ones. Ghouls who heal you with glowy glow glow love of their radioactive guts. That is if your a ghoul too living a life of unending rotting torment til the very end.

  3. Ha ha just checked out the Frag Dolls interview with Todd Howard. For a moment i thought Todd was gonna give her a noogy on the top of hairy head when she says she was engrossed with Morrowind and..even Oblivion. Ha ha as if Oblivion wasnt as interesting.

    No wonder they call her mischief.

  4. hmz, did my eyes deceive me or did I actually notice the mannequins (dolls) outside the trailer wearing actual vaultsuits 😛