Don’t Forget: Fallout 3 special on X-Play tonight


Be sure to tune into G4’s X-Play tonight for a special one-hour edition. The first half of the show will be business as usual, as they’ll be covering last week’s Tokyo Game Show. After that, they’ll be airing their Fallout 3 Special that you won’t want to miss.

The action starts at 8 p.m. eastern time. Check your local listings for more details.

Reader Comments

  1. Xplay has degraded. Now they only do 3 reviews a week! But, considering that it’s the only Mainstream video game show, I’ll be watching.

  2. Okay, so some of us without satellite and waiitng for Fallout 3 missed this, or were busy whatever, so when it comes up post a youtube or offical video to this if you can someone.

  3. Sadly I just read this post after it had already aired. I wanted to see this too, I ran out to the living room and kicked my roommate off the tv for nothing!

  4. Check out the Videos link on G4’s website – you’ll find streaming links to the various 3-4 minute segments in which Pete, Todd, Istvan and Emil talk about various aspects of the game: Art, RPG aspects, making an open-world sandbox game, and a little about the history of Bethesda.

    I also stumbled across Todd Time! – three short sections in which Todd talks about aspects of game design unrelated to Fallout 3. They’re actually really interesting, as he discusses his whole approach to game design.

  5. Yeah but the 30 minute special is nowhere to be seen. Great going releasing that to a tv-channel only accesable in the USA. What about your other fans around the world?

  6. @DanishMIKI- I’m pretty sure the various short segments Princess Stomper is talking about is the whole 30 minute (22 minutes + commercials) episode broken down into smaller chunks.