From the Metro to your Desktop

subway 007.jpg

As previously reported on Joystiq, Fallout 3 has taken over Metro Center in Washington DC. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. When I took a visit last week, it was a trip seeing different people staring and talking about the displays. When I talked to this guy shown below, he marveled at the image and wondered if it was from another movie like 300.

Re-exposure of subway 002.jpg

If you’re not able to see them in person, I’ve included some new photos from various locations within Metro Center. Oh yeah, and head to our Fallout 3 Official site to download three new wallpapers based on the Metro advertising.

To see more images from the metro, hit the jump below.








Reader Comments

  1. GUYS CMON YOU GOT TO MAKE THIS ARTWORK AVAILABLE TO US IN EUROPE. As an art-director I love that vintage style so much its ridiculous, I want posters 😀 sell us posters 😛

  2. Lol, I cant imagine the reaction from people who have no idea that this is a game. I find it kind of funny that with the graphics now-a-days someone thought it was a movie.

  3. Kudos for the artist who created the posters. They are extremely beautiful. And if these posters were available for purchase, I would certainly spend some bottlecaps on them!

  4. I hate it when games are only advertised in cities I live nowhere near lol. GTAIV for instance had tons of ads everywhere around NYC. Seems like they only market like this in their company’s hometowns. Besides that, I think everyone who’s going to buy Fallout 3 already knew about way before they started an ad campaign, actually I think that’s typical of most games. Sequels of great games just sell themselves.

  5. WOW, those look pretty. The “Dweller And His Dog” in particular would look awesome on my wall as a poster. Bump for the “merchandise FTW” as mentioned above.

  6. seriously… they should send this stuff to me when they’re done advertising with it.. or like give away pieces in a contest or something… MORE SHWAG! i love all those pics and backlit images and stuff, so awesome!

  7. these metro ads are so awesome. before i knew what they were, they cough my eye and i was just staring at them like, “what is this? it’s awesome!” and then i realized it was fallout! thanks to bethesda and the pr for giving all this love to dc!

  8. I wonder how much that cost. Seems like they filled up most of the station. Look at the last picture. Looks like overkill to be honest.

  9. I actually change trains at Metro Center every day. Seeing the Fallout 3 ads has been a real treat, as well as seeing the reaction the first few days they were up. Sometimes I’ve caught myself daydreaming when I walk through the station that I’m in a suit of power armor stalking ghouls… 😛

  10. Went by metro center last week and got super pumped for this game…got even more pumped on friday when I saw a bus on Constitution ave. covered with fallout 3 graphics.