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  1. Ah such classic memories. I remember playing Morrowind for the first time, and feeling a sense of awe at the amount of detail, and the amount of freedom as a PC that you were allowed to explore. Feeling almost lost as I took the journey through the marshes without noticing the Silt Riders there for my easy travel needs.

    In my humble mind this is what makes Bethesda an amazing company. You’ve allowed people to unlock there hidden explorer, there Indiana Jones that rests inside of us all. The little kid in us that watches the Discovery Channel and sees a long lost tomb begging to be explored, and the envy of those who can. This freedom is the selling point of the soon to be released Fallout game.

    Mind you the guns, the gameplay, and the graphics have a huge role as well, but the fact that I, the character, can control my character morale choice in a world full of negative and somewhat destroyed values based on a system of surviving day to day on limited resources in conditions that none of us can imagine causes my imagination to run wild.

    Thank you Bethesda for your contributions to the video gaming world, and my imagination sends its thanks!

  2. I’m glad to see Fallout 3 coming out soon. Each and every clip of new footage keeps my jaw dropping.

    Just don’t forget your loyalists. Tamriel still needs you, and we were here buying your games first!

  3. It’s from a Terminator game. Bethesda made quit a few early 90’s to mid 90’s and i haven’t been playing that long, so i can’t tell you which of the games it’s from.